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It's Show Time!

It's Showtime!

Below is some information about preparation for the show.

What do we wear?

For the rehearsals on Saturday, singers should dress comfortably; you will be on your feet all day!

The show costume is your AAU t-shirt (and they are AWESOME this year, as always!), blue jeans, and tennis shoes. Jeans should not be frayed or have holes. Any other necessary costume "pieces" will be provided for you.

Stage makeup

For the show, singers are asked to wear light makeup for their stage appearance; this will keep you from looking washed out under the stage lights. Bring your own base, mascara, eyeshadow, and blush. Singers will wear the same color of lipstick for a unified look; we will provide the lipstick...and make sure it's not shared!  

Show schedule (subject to change!)